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Zine Review - The GraveYard Youth No 2

Zine Review - The GraveYard Youth No 2

Dolly Dead’s Grave Yard Youth #2 is a heavily collaged feast for the eyes and feelings, with heavy emphasis on the use/abuse of women in our culture, with interspersions of feelings and drunken aspects and perceptions. Pieces about feelings, how hollywood’s perceptions of the perfect woman influence our actions as people, and dark powerful poetry abound in this very cool piece of writing. Two bucks and defiantly not for the feint of heart.


“A study looking at the prevalence of sexual assault among women between 18 and 30 found that 38% had experienced victimization and almost 50% of that group had been raped, cliamns the Research Institute on Addictions at the University at Buffalo (NY) – from USA today, on Too many GRRLS are RAPED. Too many of my FRIENDS are hurt. NUMBERS are too MUCH.”



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