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Zine Review - University

Zine Review - University

Elizabeth Rabbit’s step from her familiar home in England to the University in Edinburgh is fraught with insecurity, doubt and curiosity. She takes all of these things on, and gives us a very, very personal zine that details her first year. From getting settled to her new flat to making new friends and foes, Elizabeth’s writing is clear and very interesting. Filled with interesting things from the local establishments with too-high-priced drinks to a very interesting piece about Trainspotting, this thick zine clearly documents 9 months in a person’s life, and is very fulfilling reading. Two bucks and worth every dime.


Lying motionless on the art college’s grassy courtyard with Donna’s head on my legs, I couldn’t help laughing and wondering why I was ever seriously considering moving back home. I’d never had this much fun in my life. The night air was forcing my brain back into working order, but for some reason everything seemed to be bone-shakinglyu hilarious, or so Donna thought and I couldn’t help but agree.


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