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Zine Review - Poems from July No 26

Zine Review - Poems from July No 26

Jessy Kendall’s poetry zine is a very surreal experience. It’s the kind of thing that you want to read before you go to sleep, because you know you’ll get some killer dreams about it. When we open it, the first poem we see the text is distorted, and looks very cool. While not limited to poetry by any means, this zine is very stream-of-consciousness and has heavy mail art type collage in it. It’s free for the asking, and you can contact Jessy at shirkATriseupDOTnet Very cool.


“I’m drunk walking with vinnie george

And our drums to the gypsy camp trying to fill

The glass piece just given to me.

I look down this corridor of black

With points of soft light”


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