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Zine Review - Jelly Cake Vol 1 No 4

Zine Review - Jelly Cake Vol 1 No 4

Ben’s back and as funny as ever, with the, “Refreshingly Retro Pineapple Tart Issue”. While I’m not sure what Ben’s been dropping these days, his writing is every bit as funny and clear as the first three issues. From Maritza’s extended television viewing schedule, to Dance Dance revolution contests, Ben dances the gaumut of topics with his dry wit. I favored Hennepin’s article about Johanna Edina. Good work as usual, Ben and only a dollar and a half


“Walking so early in the morning reminds me of school. Having to ride the cheese bus. It’s the crispness in the air. Ooh, step on the leaf again…I adore that sound”



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