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Zine Review - Heart Beating for 168 Seconds

Zine Review - Heart Beating for 168 Seconds

Brought to us by Ivana Stab and Jasmina Berber, Heart Beating for 168 Seconds is a heavily collaged multi-layered quarter sized zine. With text and images working well with each other, this work really shows us how simple and good a zine like this can be. Their writing is thought provoking, and allows us an unflinching look into the mind of a young Aussie Zinesters. I like this work, it’s a one-shot though, I really think it would make a great series. It shows what people can do when they take their time with the glue stick & paper.


“Nothing seems real

People, songs, stars in the sky

We dissolve into the night

Becoming a salty memory for each of us to smile at

For each of them to scorn at

And for the morning to erase”

Two bucks and worth every dime.



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