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Zine Review - Reality Ranch #1

Zine Review - Reality Ranch #1

Scott Erickson’s entertaining litzine, Reality Ranch leads with a funky article about biking in Portland, and moves on to a humorous account of the creation of the saxophone. Reality Ranch deals mostly with absurd parody, and carries such article titles as, “Potatoes into Poetry”, the one-minute version of Star Wars, Hard of Herring. Scott’s writing style is easy to digest and flows well. The zine is laid out well, and it’s a pretty quick little read. I’m currently out of stock, but you can contact Scott Directly for copies:

Scott Erickson: dancingscott @ hotmail . com


“I’ve been biking long enough to have devolped something like a seventh sense about impending trouble (My sixth sense is the one that causes me to get crushes on lesbians.)”

Three dollars.



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