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Zine Review - The Quick and the Dead - August 2006

Zine Review - The Quick and the Dead - August 2006

The Quick and the Dead, August 2006

Hannah Ridge’s per/litzine, The Quick and the Dead is a fun little read. It’s quarter-sized and begins by thanking the reader for being there. I always like to see this in a zine, because our community is so small, we need to give respect to those that support it. Her handwriting is clear and easy to read, and then transfers to text. Hannah’s writing is clear, and emotional, she talks a lot about being unnecessarily shielded, and about true and genuine anger. I liked her segment about haircutting and how it can be very cathartic, and the segments after that deal with more emotions. Hannah’s a really enjoyable writer, and her work, while mostly in the first person, is refreshing on the eyes. This is a British Zine, a very good one at that.


“Eventually the pretending would become so complete that it was as if you were not sat there, ostentatiously striking matches and flipping pages, as if every third beat would not be followed with a foot tap, carefully timed to annoy us as it filled that space.”

Only two dollars, and a very cool read.



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