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Zine Review - Hiphop Don’t Stop Number 5

 Zine Review - Hiphop Don’t Stop Number 5

HHDS 5 begins with an interesting discussion about Cell Phones in the HipHop community, then follows with an Article entitled, ‘the wonders of possibility’ which discusses writer’s block. I suffer from writer’s block from time to time, so found the article very interesting. I like Tyler’s article about goals, it’s very introspective, just like much of his writing. Good stuff, as usual.


“Lucky for you dear reader, I’m not such a jerk that I don’t TRY to remember who the people I meet are. It’s just that I’m not that good at remembering names, but now that I’ve actually identified this behavioral problem within myself it is something I’m working on. A new year’s resolution of sorts; something to write home about to make my mother proud. Dear mom, I’m meeting tons of new people, and I even remember some of their names! She would be happy for me, I’m sure”

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