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Zine Review - Hiphop Don’t Stop Number 4

Zine Review - Hiphop Don’t Stop Number 4

Hiphop Don’t Stop Number 4

HHDS 4 begins with a critical look at postmodernism, and how Tyler reconciles it in his personal life. I like that kind of introspection in a person, and Tyler follows it up with a few paragraphs about writing on the backs of envelopes. Articles about Flags of the World and design concepts, a humorous bit about a falling skeleton, and some bits of collage conclude the work.


“This has seriously created many problems for me. I’m stuck analyzing all sorts of media I used to like and asking if they have substance. What do I do when I find bands that I like that are all style? Do I stop listening to them or do I fully embrace them and life a full and happy life as a pomo sort of guy? Is it ok just to ignore it and hope for the best?

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