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Zine Review - Hiphop Don’t Stop Number 3

Zine Review - Hiphop Don’t Stop Number 3

Hiphop Don’t Stop Number 3

Hiphop don’t Stop is a smorgasbord of interesting ideas and concepts, with short interesting bits. I like how Tyler leads with a byte about sonic collages, and Kevin Eder’s article about Summer is pretty cool. Tyler’s bits about work, and sensory overload are equally interesting, the limericks are cute, and I really liked the back collaged cover – show Tyler’s wry sense of humor.


“sometimes you have to take highways and byways to get to noisecamp, record stores, and nerd stores tobuy cheap 15 for $5 comic books, sometimes it rains and its hard to drive at 5am when all the car can do is hydroplane because you are so tired and the tires are bald.”

One Dollar


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