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Boxcutter Number 14 / Fall 2006

Boxcutter Number 14 / Fall 2006

As usual, Boxcutter doesn’t fail. This small sized zine with it’s lavender color grabs you hard and doesn’t let go. Tomas’s writings, especially the first piece, dealing with his own feelings about entering a third world country, and how it’s important that he understand he’s detoxing from America to a slower, more mellow pace of life. Fatima Luna Y Saskia Ledezma’s article regarding life in Chiapas is fantastic, with several sharp photos to support the story. I was very touched by the way she paints faith with words when she goes to the temples and waterfalls. Dylan’s poetry / essay, “insomniac” is nothing short of incredible, and is followed up by a very frank discussion about talking to your partner regarding intimacy. I could go on and on about this fantastic little zine, but I’d rather you read it for yourself.


“It really does come down to money doesn’t it? I mean, you can try to stick to your guns but in the end, it’ll come back to haunt you for ever believing you could live on your talents for long (meaning w/out proper contacts, exposure, a ‘name’ that carries upon the winds, a solid gold résumé, and experience in the specific area that you wish to pursue.)

A buck and worth a whole heck of a lot more.


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