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Zine Review - Jelly Cake Vol 1 No 3

Zine Review - Jelly Cake Vol 1 No 3

“The Atomically Charged Strudel Issue”

Benjamin Castle’s witty perzine, Jelly Cake gets a visit from the Jelly Cake Alternate Universe. His wry observations about life being by being introspective about his own behavior, getting a job, being bored, store transactions and a motorcycle theft make for an entertaining read. The internal dialogue he has reguarding his own desires to be a sith master versus the morality of the Jedi made me chuckle. Of course, running into a pole while watching a sexy biker is pretty darned funny too.


“The disrespect that I am receiving will not be tolerated! A creature as fine as she, clearly was given birth to wed me! Face your doom you wicked fool! Cursed is you this day, for you will die!”


Now Available:

Soixante Neuf #1, Soixante Neuf #2

Diamond in the Rough #6

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