March 24th, 2009

she's so very... zine

issue 12 of she's so very... now available!

issue number twelve.
$1.00 ppd by mail
$1.35 by paypal
1.8 ounces
34 half sized pages.
text and photographs.
photograph on cover found in an antique shop outside of Athens, Georgia.
summer/fall/winter (june - december) 2008.
Every issue of "she's so very..." deals with my life and often follows along in a diary like format. I continue in issue 12 with recurrent themes of sexuality, relationships, pregnancy fear and body image. I also write about the release of an LP, the death of JERK ALERT and our last tour; trying new things and planning for the future; building strong friendships and letting go of crappy friends; and of course my many celebrity and pop culture obsessions, including my discovery of Twilight, seeing the Toadies and Margaret Cho in the same weekend. I've also included an interview I did with Le Tigre back in 2000!
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