Jack Cheiky (quazipseudo) wrote in zinereviews,
Jack Cheiky

Journalsong #6:

Journalsong #6:

96 Pages Pocket Size



A perzine from Steve in Portland. Steve is articulate and somewhat insightful, but not all that interesting. The writing is morose and self indulgent, with little compensation to the reader. Quit drinking. Start drinking. Letter from ex-girlfriend. On the road. Gigs. Nice drawings, cool translucent cover. “You know where all the commas and semi-colons go. You don’t have to rely on spell-check all the time. Run-on sentences have been split up into bite-size twos and threes. You’ve got a crystal clear thesis, a chunky ass body, and a conclusion like a judge’s gavel. But somehow there isn’t as much to be said, now that you know how to say it so nicely.” That’s as good as it gets.


Microcosm Publishing

222 S Rogers ST

Bloomington IN 47404


or contact Steve directly @



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